Can you help?

Can you help our kids? We need your help! 100% of all donations go directly to the kids. Tixs for Kids absorbs all overhead and administrative costs, so you know your donation goes where it is needed. Your donation does not have be monetary--it can be extra tickets or even your time. We have a great time helping the kids and don't miss out on the experience. Contact John now! Thank you!

Our Sponsors

These businesses and organizations have donated goods and services to Tixs for Kids. Links have been provided where possible to each.

97.3 Kiss FM
A proud sponsor of Tixs for Kids
Americana Publishing
George Lovato, Jr. of Americana Publishing donated the legal services to establish Tixs for Kids as a non-profit organization. This involved a tremendous amount of work, and we couldn't do it without them!
Arrow 102.5
A poud sponsor of Tixs for Kids
Channel 105.1
A proud sponsor of Tixs for Kids
Classic Limousines
The nicest people you can find--they really helped with the kids!
Dharma and Greg
Donated a script for our auction
First Security Bank
Thanks to all the wonderful folks at the Guadalupe Branch in Albuquerque.
Donated a script for our auction
KANW Radio
KANW donated the recording time for the public service announcements.
Southwest Cyberport
Hosts the Tixs for Kids web site at their own expense
Premiere Limousines
Call Nadine. They are very professional!
Ronald McDonald House Charities (Albuquerque)
Thanks to Pat Chavez for donating 5 tickets.
Will & Grace
Donated a script for our auction
Fringe Innovations
Does all the website work for Tixs for Kids

The following families and individuals have made donations and contributions to Tixs for Kids.

Carol Alt
Christina Applegate
John Candy*
Tim Conway
Bill Cosby
Walter Cronkite*
Danny Devito
Donna Douglas
Tony Dow
Brad Garrett (Eveybody Loves Raymond)
Gail Gordon*
Sherman Helmsley
Montel Jordan
Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo)
Don Knots
Cheryl Ladd
Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster)
Rush Limbaugh
Steve Martin
Andrea & Richard McEneny (Thanks!)
Ali Mcgraw
Ed McMahon
Audrey Medows*
Alan Melvin
Mary Tyler Moore
The Murphys (Thanks!)
Carrol O'Conner
Art Ortega from The Citadel Radio Group Art has been putting our Public Service Announcements on the air. Thanks, Art, for such a wonderful thing!
Jorge Plasencia (Estefan Enterprises)
Don Rickles
Joan Rivers
Al Roker
Ray Ramono from Everybody Loves Raymond and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond)
Connie Selleca
Britney Spears
Rose and June Spears (Britney's Grandmother. Wow! She made meeting Britney happen, which was icing on the cake!)
Steve Schnarr Steve donated 2 Colorado Rockies tickets
Suzanne Summers
Rip Taylor
John Travolta
Hunter Tylo
Vanna White
Robert Young*

* These are celebrities that donated their autographed pictures for our cause before their passing. Our thanks to their families. We know even though they are no longer here, they are all with us witnessing our kids smile!